Travel to Experience

Here’s a SUMMARY of where I have been in Picture Format

GW_Nusa (82 of 8)Paradise Island : Nusa Penida, Bali (Transportation)

GW_Malacca (32 of 160)River by the City River by the City : Exploring the Historical City of Malacca by foot.

GW_HatYai (62 of 68)Bird’s Eye View of the City : 10 Reasons to Visit Hat Yai, Thailand for Family or Solo Traveler.

GW_hcm (2 of 5)City Escape : 9 Reasons to visit Ho Chi Minh City

GW_Mekon (6 of 16)Cruising along the Mekong River : 1 Day Tour In The Mekong Delta,Vietnam

GW_Ninh Binh (74 of 22)Capturing sunset on a Sampan : Ninh Binh,Vietnam – The Land Before Time

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